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Putting PR and Marketing in One Organizational Box - Will It Work for Your Organization?

Is your organization clear on the roles and outcomes of public relations and marketing? Do you need guidance on how to make these critical functions work for your organization?

Definitions for Clarity

Let's first agree on a general definition for both functions. At PRworks we have long practiced public relations defined as "a planned management function to influence opinion and behavior through good corporate character and responsible performance, based upon research and mutually satisfactory two-way communication."

Marketing is the process of determining the needs and wants of consumers then providing the products and services they will be willing to pay for.

Both functions often use the same tactics, targeted research and creative strategy. Both may use similar channels to communicate - the media, advertising, the web, direct mail and direct contact.

When both disciplines are practiced appropriately, the outcomes are as different as your organization's reputation and bottom-line. Reputations and bottom-lines are mandatory assets of any organization.

PRworks' Team Can Help You Manage Synergistic Outcomes

At PRworks we know both functions must normally work synergistically. Think of public relations as the farmer who tills the rich fields (uses public relations and reputation management) to plant the seeds of produce his experience tells him will meet the needs and wants of buyers (marketing).

As our society becomes more knowledgeable more quickly, we see the increased scrutiny of an organization's overall core values. The public no longer accepts environmental plunder to justify corporate behemoths. Indiscreet executive actions are not viewed as acceptable. Selling inferior products means a company won't last.

PRworks can make sure your marketing and public relations work well together on specific activities or in long-term initiatives. What marketing brings to the marketplace should not contradict what that marketplace will accept from this organization. Public relations should ensure the event and the newly introduced product are credible products for that organization and media contacts must reinforce the underlying strengths and virtues of the organization.

It Is a Matter of Expected Outcomes

Public relations must nurture and protect the organization's reputation; marketing ensures the future of the organization by selecting the products or services that provide a consistent source of revenue.

Public relations counselors, inside and consulting to an organization, must make it clear that both functions are necessary for a healthy organization. Both functions need the direct attention and commitment from leadership unfiltered by needless layers of administration.

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