Who Needs Editors? Everyone!


You’ve done your research. You worked tirelessly on crafting the precise story you want to convey. You rearranged sentences over and over and over again. You noticed you used the same word a few times so you consult your version of Word’s Thesaurus (by the way – best invention ever). You think your final blog post is finished and ready to be shared with the world.

Before you press ‘publish,’ did you ask anyone to review your work? It’s true, you read over the article 5 or 6 times. Frontwards, backwards, sideways and aloud. We all like to believe we can create flawless pieces of work, but it’s nearly impossible to catch all of our own mistakes.

As a writer, your job is to paint a picture for the reader. While writing, there is usually an idea that is stuck in your mind. It is your responsibility to transform your thoughts into words. According to the Journal of Research in Reading, proofreading your own writing is difficult due to overfamiliarity, which has been claimed to conceal errors.

Experts agree no matter how many times you reread your own work, you are likely miss something because you “think” it is right. You need a second set of eyes to make sure you didn’t miss a comma, misspell or misplace a word or make sure you aren’t using several run-on sentences. Having at least one person review your writing is essential.

Jeff Goins, a blogger, said it best, “As you compose and craft, like any good parent does with a child, you don’t see your work for what it is. You see it for its potential, for what you imagine it to be.”

Whether you are a writing a one-page article for a website or a script for a special event; whether you are a one-person shop, a small business or a mid to large-sized company, always, always for the love of all that is good and decent, have someone read your work. While you may not have any glaring errors, they may offer a fresh perspective along with suggestions that if you choose to include will only enhance what you have written.


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