Crystallizing a New Brand That is a Safe Haven for All


Winner of a Silver Keystone Award from the Central PA Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America

Working with PRworks as we underwent a full brand audit and transition to our new brand and name was an exceptional experience for our agency. Their team demonstrated a profound understanding of our vision and goals, seamlessly guiding us through a successful branding transition. Their strategic approach, creative insights and unwavering commitment to excellence elevated our brand as they worked with us through each step of the process. The professionalism, dedication and innovative strategies showcased by PRworks undoubtedly made them an invaluable partner in our journey towards success.”

— Lauren Peterson, MPA, Executive Director, Safe Monroe

Women’s Resources of Monroe County, a non-profit organization funded as a designated sexual assault crisis center by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and a domestic violence shelter by The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, had been struggling with its brand identity for many years – mainly because its name did not reflect what the organization does and everyone it serves. Women’s Resources of Monroe County engaged PRworks to provide counsel and lead a comprehensive branding process to remedy the organization’s concerns.

First Step: Brand Audit

PRworks began the engagement by conducting a brand audit consisting of the following informal and formal research methods:

  • Review of materials
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Employee focus groups
  • Online surveys

Findings supported that Women’s Resources of Monroe County’s brand identity was inadequately communicating what the organization does and who the organization serves. A sampling of insights in the words of stakeholders who participated in the brand audit:

  • The organization is misperceived as only providing services to women.
  • The name leads people to believe this is a women’s issue, when it’s really a community issue.
  • Changing the name may make a huge difference in who comes to us for help.
  • The name is too vague. It could be any kind of resources.

The findings also indicated that stakeholders had a strong affinity for the existing brand’s primary visual – a dove – associating it with peace and freedom.

Creative Collaboration

Informed by the brand audit, PRworks led a collaborative process with Women’s Resources of Monroe County to develop a new brand identity.

The goals of the brand identity development initiative were to:

  • Make it clear the organization provides services to keep people safe from abuse
  • Make it clear the organization serves anyone affected by abuse
  • Honor stakeholders’ affinity for the dove as a visual element of the brand

The brand identity planning and development process – which involved a review of the identities of over 100 other domestic violence and sexual abuse centers in Pennsylvania; name and tagline exploration; logo design; and touchpoints to obtain additional stakeholder feedback along the way – led to a decision by the board and leadership of Women’s Resource of Monroe County to rebrand the organization as Safe Monroe: Where Abuse Ends and Hope Begins.

Safe Monroe is a safe haven for anyone affected by domestic and sexual abuse – of any sex, gender identity or age. Through free and confidential counseling, advocacy and shelter, we compassionately empower victims of abuse to become survivors – free from abuse and free to determine their own destiny. Through community outreach, education and training, we seek to raise awareness and prevent abuse because everyone deserves to be safe.

With the new brand identity determined, PRworks turned its attention to guiding Women’s Resources of Monroe County to execute the launch of its new brand. Tactics and deliverables and included:

 Brand style guide

  • Brand identity package
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand launch planning
  • Executive remarks
  • Brand reveal video
  • Media relations

Introducing Safe Monroe

On May 20, 2023, Women’s Resources of Monroe County held its annual gala, a fundraising event attended by over 200 donors, sponsors, volunteers and community partners. The gala was identified as the perfect occasion for a soft launch of Safe Monroe. The event culminated in remarks by Executive Director Lauren Peterson and a video to reveal the new brand. Though an informal measure, the brand reveal resulted in the whole room erupting in applause.

Through the summer months, PRworks guided Women’s Resources of Monroe County through a planning process for the official public launch of its new brand. An unveiling event was held on Oct. 2 with a crowd even larger than expected. The event earned news coverage on two local television stations and the county’s daily newspaper. The online headline of one of the TV segments couldn’t have been more on point: “Women’s Resources changes name to include all.”

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