Branding & Strategy


What’s your promise? Your story? Your “why”? We can help define, refine or reenergize it — and strategically position your organization in the mind of your audience.

We are skilled at developing and implementing branding and rebranding initiatives that are grounded in strategy, detailed in approach and deliver desired outcomes. Our team’s objective brand counsel is rooted in decades of cultivating, managing, and evolving brand identities for organizations, including complex multifaceted organizations, in a variety of sectors and industries.

We follow a strategic, collaborative approach to provide branding consultation and services. Foundational to this approach is a research-based four-step process:

  • Research – Gather information to understand the situation and key insights
  • Planning – Define goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Implementation – Execute strategies and tactics and monitor results
  • Evaluation – Measure and assess outcomes to improve future planning
Branding services include:
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Survey research
  • Brand strategy
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Brand identity development
  • Brand messaging
  • Logo design
  • Brand standards and brand style guides
  • Content development
  • Creative and graphic design
  • Brand rollout consultation
  • Brand communications
  • Brand awareness campaigns


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