Raising Community Engagement and Visibility for AAA Central Penn


“I would absolutely recommend PRworks. Honestly, PRworks became part of our team. They jumped right in, rolled up their sleeves and helped us in every aspect.”

Greg Tobin, Vice President, Marketing & Sales

“I just love how organized PRworks is. They provide us with agendas ahead of time. They keep us on track. They provide us with best practices.”

Doni Lee Spiegel, Public Relations Manager

Ninety-two percent of consumers say they have a more positive image of a brand when the brand supports a social issue. (2017 Cone Communications CSR Study)

Taking that insight to heart, AAA Central Penn turned to PRworks to develop and launch AAA Cares, a pillar of its corporate social responsibility initiative.

Grounded in research and a thoughtfully constructed framework, AAA Cares is a community relations program that promotes employee volunteerism and recognizes employees for giving back.

Prior to creating AAA Cares, we surveyed employees to uncover what community causes they would like to support. Four causes rose to the top, which comprise the AAA Cares Focus Areas: Animal Welfare, Social Welfare, Hunger and Health.

With the full support of AAA leadership, the program is playing a key role in sustaining a workplace culture that rewards employees for contributions to the organization’s mission and its commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

The program is successfully raising employee engagement and showing AAA members and the greater community that AAA Cares!

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